Saturday, October 1, 2011

American role, filthier than Dal!

There are no two opinions that the politics in Kashmir over past sometime has became very murky and is definitely as filthy as the Dal Lake. In literal sense, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and the vested interests are having a field day! Corruption is at its peak and as stated by Mulford, it cuts across all party lines. Apart from funds being doled out by the Central Government, the intelligence agencies from within the sub-continent as well as abroad are pumping money from all sides to one and sundry to serve their specific agendas. No one is really concerned with the basic problems of Kashmiris. In the true sense of the saying, everyone is making hay while the sun shines!
There may not be any justification for such a situation unless the local people go along with it. Nevertheless, one must not forget the fact that worst things have happened in similar situations of conflict where multiple players with their ulterior motives and vested interests are involved! This entire murky and filthy scene does not mean there is no political problem in Kashmir. Rather, it confirms the existence of a serious basic problem to conceal which as well as stall a solution to it; things have taken a filthy hue!
However, what is really annoying is the supposed moral high ground being taken by the Americans uttering such comments. American role both within Kashmir and globally has been filthier than the polluted Dal Lake. In Kashmir they have now made a 180 degree turn from their stand of fifties when Adlai Stevenson met Sheikh Abdullah and supposedly persuaded him to opt for an Independent Kashmir. They took Pakistan into their lap through the military pacts of SEATO and CENTO.
They became the strongest votaries of the rights of Kashmiri people. In fact, in the UN Security Council there were many clashes between the then Soviet Union and USA. The Russians used their veto a number of times to forestall any UN intervention in Kashmir. However, the situation has now turned a full circle. The Americans are now going to the extent of formulating overtly as well as covertly a triangular alliance with Israel and India which has resulted in blocking grant of basic rights to Kashmiris. In fact, they have fallen out even with Pakistan which is almost becoming a failed state. This has happened because the Americans made it a frontline state in their so called "War on Terror". The Americans are even prepared to go to the extent of ensuring the disintegration of their one time staunch ally.
The American role globally is even filthier. The basic fact is that the entire American society is based on violence. They virtually exterminated the local Red Indians, reservation by reservation to build their own society. They then imported the African blacks to serve them as slaves. To avenge their catastrophic intelligence failure in the Pearl Harbour, they wiped out two Japanese cities with nukes ostensibly to bring the Second World War to a close. My Lai massacre in Vietnam, use of napalm and the notorious Agent Orange are just small acts in their nefarious imperialist history.
In the modern times, the two Gulf Wars and the ongoing War in Afghanistan are living examples of their duplicity and bully behaviour. They have ensured that no Middle Eastern country is in a position to pose any threat to Jewish state of Israel created by them in collaboration with the British in the heart of Arab lands to expiate their sins of Jewish Holocaust in Europe. After neutralising Arabs they are now after Iran because it can pose a threat to Israel. Entire American capital and media is under the Jewish control.
They talk about global human rights but very conveniently forget about Abu Gharib and Guntanamo Bay! In the global armament market of over $ 1000 billion, the American share is more than half! They sell arms and for that create conflicts in different parts of the world. Sometimes they sell arms to both parties in a conflict. As stated by William Blum in his book, the "Rogue State", they have even gone to the extent of experimenting biological weapons on their own citizens without their knowledge.
The social and moral scene in America is even filthier. Gay marriages, children outside marriage, people living with their off springs outside wedlock as single parents. Pornography is widespread. Even there are cases of incest. Crime is quite high. Murders, rapes, muggings, and so many other crimes. It is said girls stand alone in parts of Central Park in New York to get raped! There are innumerable cults and fads. Even there are many clans worshipping Satan!
It is a tragedy that in spite of all the muck and filth connected with American role in Kashmir as well as globally, many political leaders, intellectuals, and even some columnists look towards them as our saviours! It is time we introspect and seriously ponder over the consequences of looking outside for a solution to our problems especially to the west and in particular to America! Unless we develop the will and honestly make an effort to stand on our own legs, we will have no escape from the present filthy situation and would continue to be humiliated by one and all!

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